IFS Waiver Services

There is important new information that we want to share about the Invidivual and Family Services Waiver program. Since so many of our readers are directly affected by these changes, we want to be sure you have all of the information you need so we are sharing these details from the Informing Families Today and Tomorrow website.

motherandchild-300x212It’s official. After more than a year of planning, the new Individual & Family Services Waiver program has been approved by the federal government. Clients currently on the state-only flexible funding IFS program will begin transitioning to the new waiver program at their annual assessment.

In addition, the Legislature has approved funding for up to 4,000 new clients to be enrolled in the IFS waiver program and DDA is in the process of contacting individuals on the IFS request list.

Because the new IFS program is now a Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver, there are some differences in the services, as well as how the services are accessed.

Approved IFS Waiver Services

Assistive Technology
Behavior Support & Consultation
Behavioral Health Stabilization
Community Engagement (new)
Environmental Modifications
Nurse Delegation
Occupational Therapy
Peer Mentoring (new)
Person Centered Planning Facilitation (new)
Physical Therapy
Respite Care
Sexual Deviancy Evaluation
Skilled Nursing
Specialized Medical Equipment & Supplies
Specialized Nutrition & Clothing
Specialized Psychiatric Services
Speech, Hearing & Language Services
Staff/Family Consultation & Training
Supportive Parenting Services (new)
Therapeutic Equipment & Supplies
Transportation (non-Medicaid Broker)
Vehicle Modifications

updatedChanges and Opportunities

Providing services under a federal waiver comes with some big changes, as well as new opportunities.


  • The IFS waiver program does not provide reimbursements or cover medical co-pays.
  • All providers must be contracted by DSHS to provide services.


  • Clients on the waiver program will be eligible for Apple Health/Medicaid health care, regardless of family income.
  • New services have been added, such as Community Engagement, Peer Mentoring, Supportive Parenting, and Person Centered Planning Facilitation.

Accessing IFS Waiver Services

If you are on the No Paid Services Caseload and have a need that could be met by the IFS wavier, contact DDA to request IFS services. There’s currently funding for new enrollments through June 2017. So, if you have a need that could be met by the IFS waiver, contact DDA to request IFS.

Identify the service(s) during your annual person-centered service planning meeting.The service(s) will be approved within your annual funding allotment. Funding levels are the same as the old IFS program.

Identify a contracted provider. Unlike the old program, all services under the IFS waiver must be provided by a individual, agency or organization that’s contracted with the DSHS to provide that service.

Contact your DDA case manager if your needs change. In addition, if the service is intermittent (not monthly), your DDA case manager will provide check-in and monitoring to ensure that service needs are being met.

For a handy PDF of this information, please click here.


3 thoughts on “IFS Waiver Services

  1. This is not the full story. There is also an option for a monthly stipend, which was mentioned in a letter sent out by DDA. However, when I talked to our DDA case worker I was told we would not qualify for the waiver because we don’t have SSI and we wouldn’t qualify for the stipend either. She said there is another option that we could be grandfathered in with the current IFS program, but only if our functional assessment was high enough. Our family is likely to loose any support from DDA. Don’t get your hopes up folks, the water is still murky.

  2. Why is it that payments to caregivers who care for the client in their (the client’s and caregiver’s )own home are now taxable?

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