The Wheels on the Bus May Stop Going Round and Round


Public transportation is used by everyone – people with and without disabilities rely on buses for their daily commute. And yet, this system that is required by so many of our fellow citizens every day is in jeopardy due to financial cutbacks.

The legislature has not provided adequate funding for our transportation needs, so the voters are asked to pass a proposition. Prop 1 will fund transit and roads in King County to assure that looming 17% cuts to transit do not become a reality. This means that 74 bus lines will be cut completely, and more than 100 more will be reduced. The cuts add up to more than 600,000 hours of service each year.

These cuts will impact everyone, but most of all the people with disabilities. We all know someone in our community who has a disability and relies entirely on public transit for all their transportation needs. What happens when the bus service in their community stops? They will have no other option for getting around to work, school, medical appointments, and family visits. How can they live a fully inclusive life, with the dignity that we want for everyone, if our community cuts off their only transportation option?

 We must act now. Here are a few ways YOU can help:

 1.       Vote— Send in your ballot today! (Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 22 at the very latest.)

2.       Use your social media  (e.g., Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blog, etc.) to encourage others to Vote YES! on Prop 1. Ask your friends to share your post!

3.       Send a brief e-mail to encourage your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and clients to Vote YES! on Prop 1 to save Metro & fix our roads. Tell them to tell someone else about it, too.

4.       Tell a fellow commuter:

          a.       If you ride the bus, tell one fellow rider per day about Prop 1 and the April 22 Special Election.

          b.      If you drive, then make a simple Vote YES! sign to put in your vehicle’s back window!

          c.       If you walk or bike, affix a simple, hand-made sign to your bag/backpack/pannier, or jacket. Be a walking billboard for something important and worthwhile in our community!

 We absolutely need a bigger, longer-term solution to fix problems like transportation funding. However, in lieu of the legislature action to implement a real solution – we must maintain the systems we have now. Let’s pass Prop 1 for everyone’s benefit.



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