Ready for Take Off!

After months of planning, and countless meetings at the airport, I am very excited that Wings for Autism will take flight this weekend. This “dress rehearsal” will allow families who have children with autism to experience what a trip to the airport would be like if they planned a family vacation. You can read more about the program here.

LOGO SEA-Wings4Autism

When this idea first came up, we had no idea how many incredible partners would be made during the process. We are grateful for Alaskan Airlines and the Port of Seattle, as well as TSA and The Arc of the US. Additionally, several staff members, volunteers, and board members from The Arc of King County have been working on this event with one goal in mind – to make flying easier for children with autism.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with planning Wings for Autism. The commitment and excitement shown by each person has been truly inspirational. Now buckle up, and get ready to fly! You can follow our event progress all day tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter



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