Ponderings on lights and peace…..

Written by Sylvia Fuerstenberg, former executive director, The Arc of King County

I attended a solstice party last weekend with friends and saw some acquaintances we had not seen in many years.  It seems like my theme of connection (previous blog) and the twisting and twining of our lives set the tone for the season.  What a true joy – on a rainy drizzly night in our beautiful Seattle – to reconnect with friends over food and drink.  The tables were set with sparkly stars, pretty beads, and tiny wrapped packages, which the children were busy tearing apart in the hope of some miniature treasure.  Candles illuminated the tables and great conversations lit up the room!

Don’t you love the twinkling lights that are hung this time of year?  They get us through the dark days of winter, reminding us of the light, and longer days to come as we turn the corner toward spring.  The twinkling eyes of the children gathered at the solstice party were especially wonderful.  You can’t have too many lights in my book.  In my home we actually hang little white lights year round… my never ending appeal to brighten the darker nights in our rainy environ.

My family celebrates Chanukah, the festival of lights, recounting the rekindling of the eternal flame at the end of a long war.  It give me hope each year that perhaps all wars will come to an end, and we can celebrate the light within us all in peace.

Yeah yeah, I know its corny, world peace and all that.  I sound like a Miss America pageant contestant!  But I really do hope for world peace, and I wish you all light and joy in the coming weeks and throughout the year.


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