A New Year and New Beginnings for Heather and Joe, Community Living Grant Recipients

The Arc of King County is one of three chapters of The Arc that particpates in the Foundation for the Challenged grant program, which was established in 2006 to provide support dollars for lifestyle necessities to individuals with developmental disabilities. Heather and Joe are just some of the many recipients who received grant funding in November 2012. Here is their story: 

Heather and Joe met a couple of years ago in a local recreational group for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It wasn’t long before the two discovered they had much in common, like taking pictures and making videos, and they began to hang out more frequently. Their friendship soon blossomed into love and Heather and Joe became engaged in the winter of 2011.


Having committed to each other as life partners last summer, the only thing left in their love story was to move in together and enjoy the rest of their lives. The only problem was finding affordable, accessible housing in the city, as the two lived on the outskirts of King County and away from easy public transportation.

That’s where The Arc stepped in. In a search to find support, Heather found The Arc of King County’s website and the Community Living Grant application. Heather and Joe applied to receive Community Living Grant funding to put a down payment on their first apartment together as a couple. Thanks to The Arc, the couple was able to receive this funding. Since January 2013, Heather and Joe have been happily living together in their apartment in the city, fully enjoying being in each other’s lives.

Community Living Grant applications are still open until February 1, 2013! To apply for grant assistance like Heather and Joe, follow this link. 


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