Photos of Employment: Colin

At the 2012 Forum, everyone got to take a peek at our great photo series on employment. Representative Ross Hunter donated his time and energy to The Arc for this very special photo series showcasing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace.

Colin Silvestri 

VA Puget Sound – Seattle 

Colin graduated from New Horizon School in Renton in 2000. In his senior year, he began transitioning to a part-time work program at the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospital in Seattle. Colin is now a valuable worker in the rehab department. He’s been there four days a week for 12 years!

Colin assists in therapy by taking patients, many in wheelchairs, to their specific rehab appointments. He had to learn his way around the VA hospital, a very big challenge. The VA staff has been very supportive of him. Colin’s supervisor Bill Staab calls him a “valuable asset” and says that Colin works so hard that “we think he sleeps with his badge on.” Another supervisor, Herman, states, “Colin is a nice young man with a good sense of humor…who is really appreciated on the 1 East Rehab Unit.” His boss, Ms. Kennie, says, “Veterans always ask about him whenever he is off.” Colin loves his job and it shows in the appreciation from his supervisors and coworkers. 

Colin is also a downhill ski racer on the Skihawks, a team with the Special Olympics. Besides skiing with his team, he has skied in many amazing spots like Whistler (BC), Tahoe (CA), and Bend (OR). He has also participated in the Special Olympics track team. Colin is also an active member of Boy Scout Troop #419, a troop for Scouts with special needs, led by Dr. Ted Kadet.


2 thoughts on “Photos of Employment: Colin

  1. Sylvia,
    I work for Colin’s dad Dr. Kadet, and have gotten to know and love Colin over the last few years. It is wonderful to see how he is appreciated at the VA hospital. I am sure he is a dedicated volunteer; I am so happy he is acknowledged here! Thank you.

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