Photos of Employment: Matt

At the 2012 Forum, everyone got to take a peek at our great photo series on employment. Representative Ross Hunter donated his time and energy to The Arc for this very special photo series showcasing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace.

Matt Yee 

Seattle Mariners 

Matthew Yee has worked for the Seattle Mariners since 1999 when the team was still at the Kingdome. Back then, his position was called a “Domer.” When they moved to Safeco Field, Matthew’s position became a “Fielder.” One of the responsibilities of a “Fielder” is to pass out giveaways at the gates when fans come to the ball park.

Matt’s favorite part of his job is seeing friends who also work there and seeing people he knows coming through the gates.  Several years ago Matthew was inducted into the “Fielder Hall of Fame.” Matt has an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball and can tell you just about anything you want to know about the sport. He can often be found watching the trade news on

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys traveling and cooking. He also plays on several Special Olympics teams with his friends. He has quite a collection of medals!


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