Photos of Employment: Hampton

At the 2012 Forum, everyone got to take a peek at our great photo series on employment. Representative Ross Hunter donated his time and energy to The Arc for this very special photo series showcasing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace.

Hampton White

Schwartz Brothers Restaurant 

Hampton has worked for Schwartz Brothers Restaurants since 1978. Currently, he’s working at Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union as a prep cook. Hampton loves to cook. When he was young, rather than going outside to play, Hampton would stand in the kitchen and watch his mom cook. Over the years, Hampton has transitioned among several jobs and locations within the Schwartz Brothers company. He has learned new bus routes, adapted well to new jobs, and has met and worked with new co-workers.

Unbelievably, for the first 23 years of his employment, Hampton didn’t take one sick or vacation day until he was encouraged by his close friends and The Arc to take a deserved vacation in 2001. Hampton is a dedicated employee and his work history reflects this. On three occasions, his peers voted him ‘Employee Of The Year’. His boss nominated Hampton for Employee of the Year for WA State and Hampton was one of eight people selected from 3,000 applicants to join the Washington Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation 2003 Restaurant All-Star Team. Hampton shared that he’s also learned a great deal from his co-workers.  In 2008, Hampton received an award for working 30 years for Schwartz Brothers.


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