Photos of Employment: Corey

At the 2012 Forum, everyone got to take a peek at our great photo series on employment. Representative Ross Hunter donated his time and energy to The Arc for this very special photo series showcasing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace.

Corey Gilman

Lake Washington School District

Corey is 37 years old and graduated from high school in 1996. She started working for the Lake Washington School District upon graduation as an office assistant and she loves her job. Corey has been in her position at the District for 16 years.

Corey’s daily jobs involve making copies, laminating and filing, dye cuts, labeling, folding and stuffing envelopes, shredding, and date stamping. She loves her 30 co-workers. Corey eats lunch at work and occasionally goes out to lunch with her supervisor. She also enjoys going out for Starbucks once a week.

Corey has two sisters and one brother and lives at home. She is also the beloved aunt to eight nieces and nephews. Corey likes going for walks and she swims for the Samena Splashers Special Olympics swim team. Corey has a cat named Mrs. Higgins and lives in Redmond.


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