Supported Employment Video: Young Adults in the Work Place

A new King County School to Work video has been created! The Washington Initiative for Supported Employment or W.i.S.e is a private, non-profit organization that promotes equitable employment for people with developmental disabilities through innovation, training and technical assistance.

The video features young adults with developmental disabilities in the work environment and features interviews from employers, providers, teachers, as well as the young adults themselves.  The goal of this video is to promote the transition of young adults from school into a competitive work place. The video was produced by the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment with support from King County Developmental Disabilities.

To view the video and find out more about the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment, visit


2 thoughts on “Supported Employment Video: Young Adults in the Work Place

  1. This is a truly inspiring video on jobs for our youth and young adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities. I appreciate the video and the employers that have reached out to include people with these disabilities in the work place. These are success stories and these opportunities should be there for all.

    As an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities though, I must point out that these featured employees are quite high functioning. We have many people with developmental/intellectual disabilities, many who also have a mental health diagnosis in addition to DD, who are not able to function at this level. In looking at job skills and job-training, this population which is more affected and less able to be independent at all, are being left without any opportunities. With closing of the sheltered workshops, many are lost without structure to their day or safe, adequate supports.

    In addition to job training and employment, we also need to look at adult day centers which enhance life long learning and meaningful activities for the health, safety and community experience for those who need more intensive supports.

    1. Hi Cheryl, Thank you for your point of view. We appreciate having you read our blog and give your input.

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