Thoughts on Temple Grandin: The Film

On November 17, we were privileged to co-host two screenings of the Temple Grandin film alongside Provail and Alpha Supported Living. Lots of community members turned out to join us at Ingraham High School and we had a great discussion between screenings. Laughter, tears and thought provoking discussion made it a great night.

We’d like to hear from those of you who attended or who have seen the film. What did you think of the film or of Temple Grandin’s story? What stood out to you? What were you inspired by?

I myself was struck by the open and honest discussion we had between the two screenings. A young mother spoke of her infant son who was newly diagnosed with autism. Her grief, desires, and courage were reflected in the film through Temple Grandin’s mother. That universal sentiment of “How can my child be the best they can be?” is something that all parents feel and it is such an urgent feeling when our children are young. In the film, Temple Grandin’s mother had to answer these questions for herself, as the dictates of the time suggested that Temple should have been institutionalized. Her mother’s education, resources, and abilities all played a part in helping Temple to become who she is today.

As a parent, I know that the goal for us is to help find and collect resources for each other so that all of our children reach their fullest potential and ability. Temple Grandin has contributed an enormous amount to this quest and by her courage has encouraged so many others.


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