Living Our Legacy Every Day

Thank you to all who participated in our Living Our Legacy Luncheon on May 27th. I was so moved by the outpouring of warmth and love by those who attended. To our dedicated sponsors – our deepest gratitude.

It is because of the support of the entire community that our work is possible. Working with partner organizations and families supporting their loved ones, alongside individuals with disabilities who are taking on leadership in their own lives, and for others that cannot speak for themselves, is what it is all about for us. We make a difference, because we all work together for a common dream. We come together at events like this to celebrate our progress towards this dream, and to renew our commitment to continue until there is full acceptance and inclusion for all in our lives and our community.

Each speaker and award recipient spoke from the heart with their own story.  They spoke to each one of us in a different way. Dennis Bounds, speaking as the parent of an adult with a developmental disability having been through all those struggles, now sees the rewards of that struggle and love for his son. Catalina Angel shared how she is beginning to learn and grow with other young families as they chart a course for their child.  Eric Matthes (what can we say! You had to be there….) told of his struggles and how he has now found his place in a leadership role; inspired us all to be better people. Ed Baker – showed us what 100 years and a lifetime of full inclusion might be like for everyone with a developmental disability. For Mary Smith, Scott Leonard and Carrie Fannin, our award recipients…… truly a living legacy to our future, setting an example of Advocacy, Leadership, and Commitment.

It was beautiful – the community came together to celebrate and honor those that inspire us to create a better society.

Pictures can be found here.   You will want to attend next year if you missed us this year!


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