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So, what’s happening in my little brain this week you ask – or do you?   Blogging is not all that easy unless you have a “thing” to write about.   I saw Julie and Julia this last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Of course, she had “cooking” to write about as she worked her way through a popular cook book, and OF COURSE she was also a “writer”, which I would not say I am.

Occasionally, I have a bright idea and I am urged to share it with you.   I am hearing that people are reading my blog, but no one comments or engages with me.  I am not complaining…. Really….  I don’t really need that, but I would like to hear what YOU think.  So leave me a little message about what you like or didn’t like.  You can even say, “right on Sylvia!”, or just whatever comes to mind.

This week I am thinking a lot about my Board of Trustees.  We are going to have our annual retreat in a couple of weeks.   Each year, we spend a big chunk of time together to regroup, set the direction and plan activities for the Board during the coming year.

Last year, they decided to reorganize the Board’s committees, rewrite the by-laws and recruit new members; and they have done all that.

Now, we are at the “What’s next?” phase.  The Board will be discussing new job descriptions for themselves, new assignments to work on, marketing and fundraising events, how to educate themselves and others, how to become a more diverse group, and to ensure that our staff has the resources and support to be successful in our work.   That is a lot of work and commitment from people who have other jobs, kids (often with disabilities) and busy lives.

Thanks so much to the fantastic Board of Directors of The Arc!  I just want to acknowledge the gifts they give to The Arc, and the expertise that we call upon to which they give freely and willingly.


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