Push America

Push America was in town this week. What and enormous treat to meet these amazing, dedicated young men. The Arc staff, people we support and families attended a friendship dinner with the riding team and support crew on Sunday evening at Gas Works Park. The WEATHER was unbelievable, considering that it IS Seattle and it IS still June. Many of us saw them off on the ride this morning and many of our staff rode their bikes to see them. Having a chance to talk to so many of the riders was very special for all of us. We are inspired by their commitment and willingness to ride 5,000 miles to make the world a better place for all people, by promoting the rightful place of people with disabilities to be fully included with the supports they need. WOW. I learned that there are not only three riding teams, but construction teams deployed to make camps and other facilities for people with disabilities more accessible. They have completely changed my view of fraternities and I wish them well in changing the world one mile at a time.


One thought on “Push America

  1. Many thanks to these fabulous young people who are raising awareness on disability issues and supporting The Arc of King County in this financially challenging. Safe Ride All Along The Way!!

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